Top Motorcycle Quint’s Review


From the intimidating adventure tourer the Africa Twin to the simple and subtle city commuter the Hero Achiever 150, we had lots of fun riding and reviewing these motorcycles this year.

So, sit back and relax as we take you through what The Quint was up to in 2017 when it came to motorcycles.

Hero Achiever 150 Review: This Commuter Bike Hits the Sweet Spot

 Hero Achiever 150

When it comes to the 150-cc commuter motorcycle segment in India, getting the right bike is never easy. But it looks like the Heros, Honda and Bajajs want to change that going forward. Even after splitting up from Honda, Hero has ridden its own path, and is doing it pretty well.

The company has now rolled out the Achiever 150. So, how good is the 150-cc commuter? And has Hero packed in enough charm yet again?

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley-Davidson is renowned for its bulky and beefy cruiser bikes, but not many in India can fork out the kind of money needed to buy one of them. That changed a bit though when the Street 750 was launched with a price tag of under Rs 5 lakh a couple of years back.

The legendary bike-maker upgraded the Street 750 with ABS last year and it still is the most affordable Harley you can get your hands on in the country. But is that good enough a reason for cruiser bike junkies to go for this one? We find out.

A Yamaha FZ25 & a Bajaj Dominar 400

What happens when hunger and the need for adrenaline strikes at the same time? You ride to find a meal, of course! The Yamaha FZ25 and the Bajaj Dominar 400 head out for some food and speed. Watch two riders share their experience of riding two high-performance bikes on the Yamuna Expressway.



Honda Africa Twin Review

When I found out that I had been invited by Honda India to experience the Africa Twin I was really excited. There were some preconceptions I had about Honda’s adventure bike, but as soon as I got my hands on it, it was really a surprise. Here is a look at how the new Honda Africa Twin handles.


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