Delhi government to provide free coaching to kids Favorite Sports


In a bid to ensure students of Delhi government schools utilise their energy in a constructive manner, students will now get free coaching in their favourite sport by academies and clubs which, in turn, will use the institute playgrounds for private coaching after school hours and during holidays.

The aim is to provide an opportunity to government school students in sports coaching and maximum utilisation of playgrounds in the Capital.

“No fees will be charged from any government students in this scheme. We are in touch with eminent sportsmen for this scheme, they will be consultants for it and quality academies will also be allowed to be partners in this scheme. The last date to apply for this scheme is January 29.”

The government had last year decided to rent out playgrounds of 77 schools, run by it, to be used by sports associations and clubs to organise events during non-functional days.

“The scheme was launched on a pilot basis, and now we have decided to take it forward. The academies, which will be using the playgrounds, will have to give free coaching to the students of the particular school,” deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia told reporters.

The deputy chief minister said these playgrounds will span over an acre to ensure students get enough space to practice.

In the coming days, the government is also expected to introduce policies which will provide students with the sports gear and types of equipment involved in the scheme.

Sisodia highlighted that the government has taken into consideration the fact that students coming to government schools are often unable to arrange sports equipment as it involves high cost, making training an unaffordable.

“They will be free of charge. However, 50 per cent of them have to be government school students in the national capital,” Sisodia said on Tuesday.

During the pilot run of the scheme, 15 games were included.

Delhi government has now decided to train children in as many as 31 sports, including badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, football, hockey, judo, kabaddi, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, athletics, squash, rugby, table tennis, taekwondo, softball, netball, skating, carrom, gymnastics, rope skipping, wushu and kho-kho, among other sports.

“We will seek applications from sports academies and clubs for the purpose,” Sisodia said.

The scheme comes days after the deputy chief minister approved international level sports complex worth Rs 122 crore in Najafgarh, which has received a nod from FIFA as well this month.

The complex is being developed at Kair village in Najafgarh, and will have modern facilities for cricket, football, basketball, athletics, tennis and swimming.

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