The World Sweet Festival


World Sweet Festival.


If you have a sweet tooth, Hyderabad should be your ultimate ”sweet” getaway this January.

That’s because the city will soon turn out to be a paradise of sweets, showcasing varieties from around 25 Indian states and 15 foreign countries, at the World Sweet Festival




When and where will it be organised

To be organised by the Telangana government as a first of its kind festival, the three-day event will begin on January 13, at the Parade Grounds, in Secunderabad.

If u have a sweet tooth,you can get a chance to savor around 1000 different kinds of sweets from 25 states of India and 15  foreign countries.

The three-day festival would be organised in association with various cultural, language and region-based associations of people, including those from foreign countries living in Hyderabad.


“The sweet festival is being organised to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad in a sweetway,” tourism and culture secretary B Venkatesam,

“No hotels, no shopkeepers, no caterers, no commercial representation,” Venkatesam said, adding that around 1,000 varieties of sweets would be on display at the Parade Grounds in Secunderabad.

The women would be exhibiting as well as selling the sweets at the event, the official said. Some sweets would be made at home while there would be live counters for others (on the spot preparation).

A website and a mobile app have also been launched for the event, Venkatesam said.

The event would be held along with kites festival which the state government organised every year

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