7 Most Important Tips to Get A Scholarship


A scholarship is not just a reward or financial assistance; but, one of the best ways that can encourage students to achieve big things in life. By winning a scholarship, students can build up a strong faith in their abilities and grab the necessary courage to go the extra mile for their dream.

Today, students from all walks of life get incredible benefits from scholarships. As a contrary to earlier belief, nowadays many scholarships don’t take financial wellbeing into account. The reason? Well, many of the scholarships offer financial assistance to students based on their merits. For instance, Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) offers free coaching to students based on their ranks in the scholarship exam. Currently, it is one of the most sought-after online scholarship exams for class 9, 10 and even 8. So, if you are a student, try to apply for such a scholarship exam and grab the best opportunities it has to offer.

Now, getting a scholarship may seem like a tough job, but it’s not, provided that you follow all the tips in the right way. We have listed below 7 most important tips that can help you get a scholarship. Read and follow!

  1. Start Early

Beginning the entire process as early as possible is extremely important. It not only saves you from missing out the best opportunities but also gives you adequate time to prepare for the scholarship exams. At times, you may even come across scholarships you didn’t even know existed.

  1. Select A Scholarship That Suits You the Most

Try to find scholarships that align best with your goals and can help take you closer to your dreams. For instance, if you wish to appear for medical or engineering exams in the future, go for online scholarship exams for class 9. ANTHE conducted by Aakash Institute provides up to 100% scholarship for meritorious students. By appearing in such scholarship exams, you will get a chance to assess your current performance. It will give you a clear idea and highlight areas where you might need more practice.

  1. Fill the Application Correctly

Even a small mistake in your application form may lead to its rejection. Therefore, don’t forget to fill the application correctly and cross-check the information before the final submission. Also, do read the application instructions properly before filling the form to avoid any mistake.

  1. Prepare Well for the Exam

In case you have applied for a scholarship exam, begin your preparation as early as possible. Moreover, don’t forget to check the syllabus before preparing your study timetable. In case you have applied for ANTHE, you will need to study the concepts that you might have already done in school. Therefore, the best thing here is to strengthen your basics thoroughly and get acquainted with the concepts explained in NCERT books.

  1. Practice Previous Year Exam Paper

This tip could have been included in the previous one, but many students don’t practice enough, and some even end up skipping it entirely. You must include solving previous years’ papers and sample papers in your study schedule. A rigorous practice will help you in gaining accuracy and speed in solving the exam.

  1. Take Help from Teachers

Your teachers are your guide, and they are more than happy to help you. So, whenever you get stuck with a question or don’t understand a concept, never hesitate to approach your teacher. When they see your dedication towards studies, they will undoubtedly solve your doubts. Also, your teachers may also give you a tip or two to ace the exam with flying colors.

  1. Don’t Miss the Deadline

Because if you did, there’s no point in following all the tips listed above. Procrastination is one enemy you need to avoid at all costs. It can inflict more harm to you than you can imagine. So instead of being in the vicious cycle of tomorrow, take the necessary steps today and apply for the scholarship exam without wasting any more time. Also, do mark the exam date on your calendar to avoid any confusion on the last minute.

Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your chances of success high. All the best!

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