Assistance for Students facing SSLC Exam


The Karnataka Higher Education Board has also been assisted by the Helpline Counseling Program for the past year, with the intention of responding to the problems of Bangalore, M4- SSLC students and compensating them with fearlessness. For this, 08-23310075, 080-23310076 Phone numbers are reserved.

The SSLC examination is a critical step in student life. Parent’s wish is to have children with the highest points in today’s competitive era. The recent problem is that parents, societies and teachers are pressuring them to earn more points without comprehending the potential of students, intellectuality, interest, activism, and hard work.

This is because students can not concentrate on learning, lose concentration, can not write student exams efficiently without this problem. There is a need to eliminate these issues and write the test effectively.

This helper is already started and will operate from 9 am to 7 pm every morning till 22nd May. From 9am to 2pm, from 9am to 2pm, the office will be operated on office days from 23st to 6th. Parents can call on the rest of the day except for the weekly and government holidays on the telephone number mentioned above, which can be solved by their problems and doubts.

In most ways, students and parents can use the program to use the program and ask questions. The method of preparation for testing, the model of the question paper, and the academic subject of the method of adopting study skills.

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