Agnisakshi Artist is now a political candidate


The serial firefighters retained number one on television for quite a long time and did not make any show on this television serial. The veteran artist who has come on the screen and is now ready to cast his vote at your doorstep. Munikrishna (Muruga), who has acted as a villain in the Agni Sakshi serial, is ready to contest the elections this time.

Muni Krishna, who appears in the role of Murugan in the serial, has been applauded by the audience and is contesting from Anekal. Munikrishna, who does not belong to any party, has decided to step down as an independent candidate.

Munikrishna, who has stated this idea via the Facebook page, has appealed to all of you. He is also acting as a hero in the film Kode Muruga, not only in Agnisakshi. As the other one, television and glitter artists are getting into the polls.

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