Anushka shetty’s rest of the thoughts behind the ideas! Of after Bahubali


After the release of ‘Bahubali’, ‘Bhagamathi’, which is released with a lot of gaps, many young directors do not have an interesting interest in listening to Anushka’s stories that are in the eyes of Anushka. In addition, many of the producers are getting heroines oriented films and if they offer the offer, they do not mind Anushka. According to the information, Anushka has been doing well in films in the past. There is only one film in Anushka’s hand. Tamil director Gautham Menon has acted in the movie and says it is okay to act.

This module is made in Telugu and Tamil languages. It’s going to take some more time to begin. Now, this gap comes to the attention of Anushka making efforts to make new directors refusing to listen to any other reasons behind Anushka’s latest decision to make the gossip. Kannada media says Anushka is married to Anushka and her family members are planning to marry Anushka’s family for a good groom. There is no reason to know behind Anusha’s resting ideas, and now the gossip is rising.

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