Anushka Shetty starrer crosses $1-million mark in US Bhaagamathie 10-day box office collection


Bhaagamathie starring actress Anushka Shetty has continued to make a good collection at the US box office in the second week and surpassed $1-million mark in the country in 10 days.

Bhaagamathie received a good response and collected $870,000 at the US box office in the first week. The industry experts have been keeping their fingers crossed as the film crossed $1-million mark in the second weekend while clashing with Touch Chesi Chudu, Chalo and other south Indian releases.

But the Anushka Shetty starrer kept the cash registers ringing on its second Friday and collected $48,000 at the US box office on its eighth day.

The movie went on to show a good jump in its collection on the next day. The film collected $79,058 from 90 locations at the US box office on its second Saturday, taking its 9-day total to $996,848.

Bhaagamathie needed to collect $3,152 to surpass $1-million mark and as per early trends, it has already raked in the much-needed numbers on its second Sunday. Idlebrain Jeevi tweeted, “#Bhaagamathie is tantalisingly close to $1M in USA. It has collected $79,058 from 90 locations with per location average of $878 on 2nd Saturday. Total gross is $996,848. It will cross $1M mark any minute!! .”

Bhaagamathie has become the second film to gross $11 million for Great India Films in a row. Idlebrain tweeted: “#Bhaagamathie has entered million dollars club in USA. It’s back to back blockbusters for USA distributor Great India Films after Baahubali 2. Next in the line is #BharatAneNenu ”

Bhaagamathie is probably the first south Indian female-centric movie to cross $1-million mark at the box office. The movie has once again proved Anushka Shetty is truly the lady superstar.

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