Big Boss is a former contender for getting into trouble


Actress Karisma Tanna, who has faced a fraud case against contesting the reality show Big Boss 8, One of Delhi’s event manager has filed a case. Karisma Tanna has betrayed her. He also blamed Black Mail for his comments. Karisma agreed to perform at the Haldwani program last month. But Karisma, who suddenly changed his decision to Delhi, refused to come to Haldwani.

Manas also said that he had threatened to file a case of harassment without acting as he had said. But Karisma Manager is just another. Earlier, the show was scheduled to be held at Moradabad, and Haldwani said he had not been able to go on the event shift.

Manas also mentioned in the complaint that he had lost Rs 10 lakh due to the Karisma event.

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