Bigg Boss 2 Anchor Shyamala Was Eliminated


On the fourth week of the Bigboss House, the Contestant was known. Most of the nominees have been nominated for this elimination process. In the first two weeks, the comrades Sanjana and the new knights left the house and last week Kriti Damaraju became Eliminate. But this time Kaushal, Shyamala, Babu bogeneni, Nandini Roy, Deepthi, Ganesh and Geetha Madhuri have been nominated for a number of nominations for the Elimination episode.

Apart from Common Man Ganesh in Friday’s episode, Singer Geeta Madhuri announced that Nani was a Protective.

Audiences support Ganesh’s intention to stay in a common man’s house. Geetha Madhuri seems to have been struck with a social media campaign. It seems to have gone into the house with a plan based on the support she is supporting. Are these two safe lemons? The audience’s tribe is scheduled.

Shyamala Was Eliminated and She is back to home.

The episode of this Elimination episode is going to be a day before. But after joining home She posted Post on Facebook.. ‘Thanks to all those who were supporting me come home. I’m playing with Ishaan. ‘ That was posted. But as soon as he discovered his mistake, the post was immediately removed. Screenshots of the post were already viral in social media.

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