Bigg Boss Season 5 Kannada Winner Chandan Shetty


Chandan Shetty has emerged as the winner of Kannada Bigg Boss Season 5. Divakar runners-up, JK is pleased with 3rd spot. Chandan Shetty, Jayaram Karthik, Divakar, Shruti and Nivedita Gowda were in the top-5 stage. Shruti and Nivedita Gowda were out of the five.

All the contestants of the series attended the final episode. Dancing to the cinema songs. Sudheep is the central focus of everything.

Kannada rapper Chandan Shetty has emerged as the winner of Big Boss-Season 5. Salesman Divakar Runner-up, actor Jayaram Karthik has been ranked 3rd.

Chandan and Diwakar were close friends from the beginning to the end of the 106-day reality show Journey. Finally, the final finals were held.

The final episode was entertaining at the stage. All the contestants of this series attended. Dancing to the cinema songs. Sudeep has pointed out that he is the center of everything.

He performed in his humorous style every day. The award after receiving the said Chandan Shetty “I won millions Kannada Thank you. You all to pay off debt and trying.

Songs in English baruvalliyu Kannada hadugale be heard. The Kannada international level kondoyyabeku endukondiddene. So far in my development of the whole population, talent recognized by Guru Arjun derived from the I heart will remember, “he said.

This season, like the season’s Big Boss, the prize money was Rs 50 lakh. It was this time that rapper Chandan Shetty was in. Rs 1 lakh with the trophy for Runner-Up Divakar Cash prize.

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