Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan Celebrates Valentine’s Day In A Way Every Common Guy Would Love To


It was a evocative Wednesday morning for Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan, who kickstarted Valentine’s Day by alert to his iconic adventurous song Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.
The song that has been abundantly accepted over ancestors is accustomed as an beloved adulation song and is alike with the break of Valentine’s Day in India.
Aamir Khan reminisced memories accompanying to Pehla Nasha and admired his admirers on the break of Valentine’s Day. The amateur additionally aggregate that the song is one of his claimed favorites.

Marking the day Aamir Khan wrote on amusing media, “Hey guys, alert to my song Pehla Nasha on Valentine’s Day! Ideal song for this day :-). And, I charge say it’s one of my own favourites. Wishing all of you a blessed Valentine’s Day!

Over the years Pehla Nasha has emerged to be alike to occasions adulatory love, be it weddings, adventurous odes or Valentine’s Day, the yesteryear song is accustomed as the absolute aces to characterize the aspect of adulation and continues to be the top favourite adulation song beyond music platforms.
Showcasing the lover boy avatar of Aamir Khan onscreen in the iconic adolescence film, Pehla Nasha has been an admirers favorite.
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar apparent the accord amid Aamir Khan and administrator Mansoor Khan, the song added was a aftereffect of artistic addition in music by the duo.
Over the years, Pehla Nasha has been a adventurous anthem, with its melody resonating with the masses, 30 years later, the song still proves to be an ode on Valentine’s day!

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