Brain Tumor to actor Irfan Khan.


Bollywood actor Irfan Khan is suffering from a serious illness. Irfan Khan has been admitted to Kokilaben Hospital. Irfan, who had tweeted two days ago, said he was suffering from serious illness. But it is now revealed that Brain Tumor Irfan is back. Irfan Khan Brain Tumor is in the fourth position, which has led to further anxiety.

Surgery is likely to be soon. Irfan, who tweeted on Monday, said my life was in danger for 15 days. Irfan does not say about Twitter on Monday’s Twitter. Something is seriously ill. A 10-day report is coming. That mantra will tell you. He said he would never lose courage. But sources say Irfan Khan is brain dead. Irfan Khan, however, dismissed this allegation. Friends have spoiled a false rumor.

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