Chandrashekar Was passed away and his memories never dissappear


Actor Chandrasekhar, most people did not know. However, Chandrasekhar’s name was given to the film on the left-footed hill, where Chandru was “left-handed”. Chandrashekhar was very interested in art when he was young. He was a child friend of senior actors CR Sihna and Srinath’s brothers, who were obsessed with school days.

He had read at National High School and at the same time took Chandrasekhar to drama practice with CR Singh and Srinath. Chandru was also at the forefront of the school’s cultural activities. “Bhagya, who did not like”, had the opportunity to act as a child artist in the movie “Our Children”. Senior director Nagendra Rao and Vadiraj went to Chandru’s house and auditioned and chose Chandrasekhar. Chandrashekhar then studied Class 10. Chandrashekhar’s father did not want to send his son to the cinema. Finally, somehow he had completed the shooting of the film in one and half months, handing over his father.

After finishing school, Chandrasekhar entered the National College and was introduced to a student named Kumar. Not that Kumar anymore, the famous actor of Kannada cinema is Dr Vishnuvardhan. They both dreamed of studying in college. Chandrashekhar had a good friendship with Vishnuvardhan even after completing his college, Puttanna Kanagal made a film titled “Nagarahu” for Vishnuvardhan. Then, Puttanna’s eyes fell on Chandrasekhar. Then he made Chandrasekhar the heroine of Puttanna Kanagal for the film ‘Edakkal Gudhadal Up’, which led to Chandrasekhar’s career as “Edakkallu Gudadal Up”.

From then on, he became known as “left stone” Chandru, the song “Happy Ah, Ah .. Music Oh Ooh ..” is still Evergreen. Chandrasekhar is also associated with Ambareesh, Vishnuvardhan, Srinath, Jai Jagadish and Sundarraj in the tutor of Puttanna Kanagal.

Chandrasekhar has acted in a number of Kannada films, including “Rain, Rain,”, “Manasa Lake”, “Shankara”, “Sin Purna”, ” “Sita, Savitri”, “Kasturi Vijaya”, “One Shape Two”, “Home Light”, “Sunglasses”, “Sutra Doll”, “Transition”, “King My King”, “Dreaming”, ” “Thank you “Shankar Guru”, “Shani Effect”, “Goddess Dudu”, “Sister Banda Soukagya”, “Daughter of the Aristocrat”, “Shivalinga”, “Ente”, “Rose”, “Life”, ” Chandrasekhar has acted in successful Kannada films. When she was acting in Kannada films, she saw a girl at an event and fell in love. Sheila married in 1984. Then Chandrasekhar went to Canada and stayed there as his wife’s wish. Chandrashekhar, who played the role of technically involved, made a teleport, corporate, and displayed in India.

Shortly thereafter, he stayed away from the cinema and stayed with his wife in Ottawa, Canada. Where his wife was conducting Bharatanatyam class. Chandrasekhar started his second innings with the movie “Hague Summane”, and his daughter, Tanya, had lived in Malleswaram, Bangalore, as he wanted to identify him in Kannada cinema and acted in several films, directed by Kempamman’s Court Case. The last film he had acted was “3 hours 30 day 30 seconds” recently, and another feature was Chandrasekhar’s 1973 film, titled ‘Edakkallu Guddadai’, directed by Puttanna Kanagal.

The film is a remake of Jayanthi and Chandrasekhar, who have sung a song like “Virah hundred hundred” .. The new movie “Edakkallu Gudadal Up” is going to be released. Acting with Rajkumar: Chandrasekhar made his debut with Dr Rajkumar in the movie “Raja Nana Raja” for the first time in the film, which was a remake of Dr. Rajkumar in the movie ” Although many films, including “One Character Two Benefits”, “Into the Downtown Order”, all of them were in the history of the cinema, Chandrashekhar on the “left foot hill”, a character named Nanjunda.

I was shocked to hear Chandru’s death. He’s a good friend in the film industry. How much friendship is that both are the same household. All my happiness, pain, and pain were involved. He is very friendly. We have acted in over 20 films together. From childhood to friendship. That’s the same love and trust ever since. He had so much desires for life. Interest was high on directing. However, I did not even imagine this. May God grant peace to His soul. Give courage to the family in sorrow. -Chrinath, actor

Chandrashekhar entered the entertainment industry as a child artist. Later he was brought under the banner of Puttanna Kanagal. He has written a new record in the Kannada film industry, where he has acted as a big actor in the film, and he is a friend of mine who has not been allowed to go to anyone who has no opportunity.

The only thing to remember is that there is a loss of a good person We have two friends in the film directed by Puttanna Kanagal and we have acted together in about 12 films. We talked about going ahead Recently, they both talked and talked about having a script, but God called them a lot of painful things. -Jay Jagdish, actor

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