Congress Social Media arch Divya Spandana disappointed, but says this about Rahul Gandhi aggregation at Harvard


Congress’s amusing media aggregation does not accept abundant admission to assets and advice clashing that of the cardinal BJP, Divya Spandana, the arch of the Amusing Media and Digital Communications team, has rued. Participating in a console altercation at the Harvard Kennedy School on “social media in Indian politics” organized by the university here, the cine star-turned-politician said that admitting these limitations Rahul Gandhi’s aggregation is accomplishing a absolutely acceptable job with tweeting for the affair President. “The actuality that they accept admission to a lot of assets and accordingly they can use a lot of accoutrement is article that I envy.
We don’t accept any resources. We are bound in our assets array of access, of accoutrement and software,” Spandana said. “I think, his aggregation is accomplishing a absolutely acceptable job with tweeting for him. For example, back it comes to festivals and adulatory people, they are appealing alert and appealing quick. The aggregation is accomplishing a absolutely acceptable job,” Spandana said.
Spandana was again asked questions on who writes the cheep for Gandhi. “Gandhi himself,” she answered. The BJP baton Madhukeshwar Desai, responded by adage that the amusing media aggregation of Rahul Gandhi has a acceptable faculty of humour. “His (Rahul Gandhi) aggregation has a acceptable faculty of humour,” he said appear the end of an hour-long agitation which amid others additionally included Ankit Lal of the Aam Admi Affair and Ghanshyam Tiwari of the Samajwadi Party. Desai said back 2014 elections, the BJP has acclimated amusing media finer to allocate the bulletin that they accept do the aftermost mile application amusing media. The cardinal of bodies application phones and amusing media is increasing. The BJP baton faced questions on Prime Minister Narendra Modi not tweeting on some of the afire issues. And Desai was actuality asked why BJP and its supporters advance affected account on amusing media. These individuals, websites or channels are “not buyer or controlled by the party,” Desai said.

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