Diwakar was said Runner up Is My Big Win To me


Bigg Boss Kannada-5 is going to be over and over again. Fifteen weeks ‘big boss’ show is over. Kannada Rapper Chandan Shetty has been the winner of the trophy this time.

This time for the masses, some had the assumption that the Common Man Divakar would win the ‘Big Boss Kannada-5’ program. However, Chandan Shetty, who became a celebrity contender, went into the ‘Big Boss’ house and, like the common man had become friends with the common man. Divakar, a salesman in the profession, runners-up at ‘Big Boss Kannada-5’. What’s the prize for Bigg Boss? Read the full info here.

Divakar, who had been living at ‘Big Boss’ for 105 days, received a gift hamper from Vaseline

Divakar’s second-placed Runner-up trophy was upheld.

This is the first time in history that Big Boss Kannada has earned Rs 1 lakh as the prize money for Divakar for the first time.

Divakar asked for the ‘big boss’ to say, “All of a coat suits can be taken off.” So, Sudeep gave permission to keep the suite of Finale dressed in Divakar

“I am very happy that Chandan Shetty was a Vin and saved the Kannadigas for 106 days,” said Diwakar

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