Manvitha Harish Changed His Name what was the secret behind?


KendaSampige Actress Manvitha Harish Changed his Name As ‘Manvith Kamath’ Manvitha Acted in Few Movies i.e Kendasampige and Tagaru movies

Picture Credits: Agencies

Suddenly, actress Manwita’s name changed, and there were also those people Thinking that Married. Well, that’s not true.

Picture Credits: Agencies

Meanwhile, Manvita’s father is Harish Kamat. She is now known as ‘Manvitha Harish’ and has now joined her family surname ‘Kamat’ at the end of her name.

Picture Credits: Agencies

Manvitha has updated her new name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Before that, you need to call her Manvitha Kamat.

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