NTR, brother of Charan .. mega nandamuri multistar kick ..!


Mega Nandamuri co-starring Rajamouli after Bahubali will become a daily news sensation on the film. The film is going to come with DVV Entertainments and will come with a huge budget of 150 crore. The film is going to go on sets from October and it will come with a sports backdrop.
NTR and Charan are the heroes of the film and now it is clear that NTR is the elder brother and Ram Charan Kanpham is the brother. NRR is Anna .. Charan is the brother and the comrades are saying that the two adharmams are meant to be triggered.
Special workshop is also planning for both.

Already doing jim training. Rasi Khanna, Samantha Selection as heroines in the film. Beyond the rest of the film for the budget control, the heroes are going to share two shares.
The film is going to be a bumper film without any reducing. If the film is accurate, it can be said that it is definitely worth creating sensational records. And how can Charan look at NTR fans?

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