Prithviraj Releases This Much Awaited Track Video From Theevandi!

Picture Credits: Agencies

Theevandi’s phenomenal run in the theatre’s proceeds and the film has reserved a location of its own in the set of the big strikes of the entire year up to now. The reception for the tunes of the film to has been marvelous with the superhit song Jeevamshamayi leading the pack. Upon the discharge of the movie, another track from the film too gained wide-spread attention.
Yes, we are discussing the music Vijanatheerame, which includes its importance in the narrative of the movie. Those who have viewed the movie were browsing for this tune online and today, the makers of the film have given the audiences a large gift.

Earlier, it was announced that Prithviraj shall be releasing the much-awaited melody so that as promised, the precious acting professional of Malayalam movie theater has presented the song Vijanatheerame.
Prithviraj took to his standard Facebook page release a video track. Have a look at the same here.
Vijanatheerame has been a collection to a melody by Nivi Viswalal, who has appeared in the music also. The tune penned by DR Nirmala Devi has been sung by Nivi Viswalal himself. The melody has a uniqueness associated with it and the video track is likely to pattern in the times to come.

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