Ragini Dewide Joined the “Me too” Campaign 

Me too

Sexual harassment isn’t the just harassment that the girl suffers. Celebrity Ragini Dwivedi has stated that the violence a woman or a female has to proceed with her disrespect is usually harassment.

Speaking to reporters in the town on Tuesday, he stated, ‘Me Too’ motion is a revolution. We’ve begun a fight such a suppression of all fields. It is a distinctive and exciting fight, though delayed.

No one ought to be harassed in culture. Now I’ve heard that ‘Hey As well’ has begun. I support it also. That’s because Personally, I think that men aren’t out of harassment.

I’m a woman’s fighter. Therefore will not always support women. I am a symbol of justice. It might be a woman or a male.

There are individuals who oppose the ‘Me As well’ struggle. Those that sell their own participate in culture. Those are opposed. I’ve read full information on celebrity Sangeeta Bhat’s sexual harassment.

Sangeeta was very painful to learn her own occasions. Before offering her, everyone must read and interpret the harassment of Sangeeta Bhatt and sign up for the effective motion like ‘Me As well’. Also, many people misbehave with ‘Me As well’. He stated that his opponent experienced come.

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