Rajinikanth as Leader of the Mass: ‘Style King’ shines in ‘Kala’ teaser


The superstar Rajinikanth’s 2018 movie, the long-awaited movie ‘Kala’, was released midnight on Teaser M1 and was admired by fans. Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush is the producer of this film and Kabali’s Pa Ranjit is the director. This is the second film in the Rajini-Ranjith Combination. Many viewers of the teaser have expressed that the movie may be the story of a pro-labor leader.

The fanatics of cinematography in a teaser, fans of Santosh Narayanan and the Rajini dialogue are admired. Another highlight of the film is Rajini’s performance opposite Nana Patekar.

Critics have expressed that Kabaali’s greatest minus point is that there is no strong opposition to Rajinikanth. If you look at that, Nana Patekar’s rival in Kala will be the plus point of the movie. 7.6 million views in 20 hours of release, and ‘Kala’ at Kabali’s teaser record.

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