Rana Daggubati and Ravishanker in Rajaratham


Handsome Hunk Rana Daggubati and actor-dubbing artist P. Ravi Shankar is coming together for ‘Raja Ratham’, but not on the screen. They will play the movie. Rana has voiced the buzz, but Ravi has voiced the song ‘Chal Chal Guram’.

A few days before the release, the premiere of ‘Raja Ratham’ was held in Hyderabad on Wednesday and several Tollywood actors attended the event. The film directed by Anup Bhandari was filmed entirely in a set made by famous art director Rajat Poddar, previously known as ‘Burphy!’ And sets for Bollywood movies like ‘Jugga Jasos’.

The Aryan look and his costumes are regularly different. Basco-Caesar, the musical feel of music, and Johnny Master created dance scenes. Aburi Ravi wrote a dialogue for the film. Ajay Reddy, Anju Vallabhaneni, Vishu Dakkappagiri and Satish have produced ‘Raja Ratham’ this Friday (March 23) in theaters. The film is also released in Kannada.

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