Rani Mukerji Says Salman Khan Should Have Children


Salman Khan received a special guest on Bigg Boss 11 recently, when his old friend and former co-star Rani Mukerji paid him a visit on the sets.

The actor appeared on the popular reality TV show to promote her new film, Hichki (hiccup). The two Bollywood stars shared several moments of laughter and fun, with Rani poking fun at Salman’s marital status. The biggest “Hichki” in Salman’s life is his singlehood, she said.

With reports about Salman’s wedding making the rounds, Rani said that the Tiger Zinda Hai should just become a father instead.

Watch the video below:

She went on to add that Salman’s kid could be a companion for her daughter Adira and that his child would be “as good looking as him”.

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