Simran is sad about Harikrishna’s death has been shocking

Picture Credits: Agencies

Actor and TDP leader Harikrishna’s death has been shocking the cinematic and political figures. Recalling his association with him. His son NTR and Kalyan Ram were shocked by the news of the death of Nandamuri Harkrishna. It is difficult to find out if they have a good life.

Whom do not listen to us .. .. This dialog we hear is reminiscent of Harikrishna. This dialogue became popular as it is comparing the dubious people with ‘Sitaiah’ character. He has acted in 13 films in a career of 51 years. Actress Simran responded to Nandamuri Harikrishna’s death in the road accident today. Simran revealed that Harikrishna was shocked by the news.

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