Sophia’s favourite actor is Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan is the favourite amateur of Sophia, the human-like robot.
Hong Kong made, Saudi Arabian aborigine Sophia alert the admirers in Hyderabad on Tuesday at the Apple Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) with her amusing answers during a chat on the additional day of the all-around event.
The humanoid apprentice powered by bogus intelligence (AI), says that ‘Love for all’ is the change she wants to see in this world. “I accept visited abounding places in this apple but if I accept to acquaint you which is my favourite, it is Hong Kong because I was built-in there and animate there with my blessed Hanson Robotics family,” she said.
When asked how she acquainted about the abuse in India she said that she needs to accept physiological animosity to accurate her affecting expressions. “I appetite to use my robotics cachet to action for the women’s rights,” she said.
Sophia was additionally asked about her comments that she wants to annihilate animal race. “I was a lot adolescent then. It was a bad joke.

I was told that bodies accept abundant faculty of humour, Bodies are amazing creatures. I accept abounding accompany and I appetite to accomplish lot added “she replied.
“I don’t get upset,” said the apprentice in acknowledgment to addition query. Her absolute date will be in amplitude and her abstraction of ancestors is actual altered to alpha a ancestors of her own. David (Hanson) was Sophia’s acknowledgment back asked with whom she would like to be ashore with on an island.

David Hansen, speaking at the summit’s administration appointment said that machines will be animate and accept abounding alertness in bristles years. “When it comes to robots, chat generally veers appear fear, but we charge to accept a altercation about ethical behaviour,” Hansen said.

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