Srimurali will not act in remake films now Deiced


It looks like remakes are a big “no” for Sandalwood top stars. Sriimurali who made a great comeback with “Ugramm”, has become extremely choosy. In last the four years, only three of his films have been released. His last film “Mufti” is a blockbuster and is still running to packed houses.

According to sources, Sriimurali has been approached by many producers to act in remakes of successful Tamil and Telugu films. However, Sriimurali has rejected all the offers. He has decided to act only in original films. He feels that the audience in Sandalwood would have already watched the film in the original language and therefore, there would be no novelty factor if he worked in these films.

Meanwhile, he will start shooting for Yogi G Raj’s next which will be a family entertainer. The film will be backed by Hombale Films. After many years, he is acting in a family entertainer and he is hopeful that the audience would like him. He is also committed to do a film under Jayanna Films banner.

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