Anshul Saxena is Done A Great Job

Anshul Saxena hacked some websites

Anshul Saxena is An Ethical Hacker after Pulwama attack Anshul Saxena is a common man but today he is popular now on facebook and twitters talking about Anshul Saxena and his job.

from the last three days, this name is being popular on social media like facebook, twitter, and other social networks.

Who is Anshul Saxena

His Facebook Page got 2lack+ Page Likes and More Over He Creates history in his own way. 227k Followers as of today while he follows only 319 Twitter members.

after that his twitter account has verified by using his phone number to Twitter for the verification process.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website hacked by Indian Hackers. Pak PM Imran Khan profile is removed from website.

These are He posted some posts from last three days he just hacked some websites.

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