The arrest of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Banta Farooq Takla


According to sources, Dawood Ibrahim Banta Farooq Takla, who is accused of murder and terrorist acts, has been deported from Dubai and brought to CBI by CBI officials. It is likely that the court will arrive at Mumbai around 4.45 pm on Thursday and appear before the judge. Takla, who was involved in all acts of Dawood Ibrahim after the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

The Mumbai serial blasts case and Dawood Ibrahim, an underworld donor, will be returning soon and will be surrendered before the Government of India. Last year, a lawyer, Dawood Ibrahim’s brother, Iqbal Kaskarpara, arrested in Mumbai, revealed this information. Dawood, a senior advocate Ram Jethmalani, has said that Dawood has decided to go back to India and his lawyer returns to India. “Dawood is sure he will be arrested by the police soon after he arrives in Mumbai.

But Dawood, who claims he is ready for the arrest, has been able to file cases against him and say he is ready to face them. However, after being arrested, he has also put me in jail in Mumbai’s Arthur Road. According to reports, Kasargar’s lawyer has stated that he will only come to Mumbai if he agrees with his condition.

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