Britain’s 23 diplomats leave Russia


Russia announced Saturday that it will send back 23 UK diplomatic officials in its country in connection with a chemical attack on Russian former double agent Sergei Scrypal. A few days ago, Britain said it would send diplomats in their country.

Russia has said that all activities with Britain’s international organization, working to enhance the British Council, cultural affiliation and educational opportunity, will be discontinued. “The diplomatic officials of the British Embassy here will be deported within a week,” said the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It has said that it responds to Britain’s provocation and groundless allegations. “If we continue to carry out similar hate measures, we have the right to answer it,” it clearly warned. Double agent Sergey Scruffle and his daughter Ulya were unconscious on 4, outside the Salistre City merchandise store in England.

His condition is serious and healing. The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned Britain’s ambassador Laurie Bristo on Saturday after a summons of Britain’s ambassador to the Syrian chemical attack.

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