The Congress-led NPP-BJP government in Meghalaya, the constituency of Konrad Sangma


The Meghalaya, which has been set up by the state, is set to form the government with the National People’s Party (NPP), BJP and other parties. NPP leader Konrad Sangma met with Governor Ganga Prasad today evening and claimed that he had the support of 34 MLAs including NPP, BJP, United Democratic Party and Pulse Democrat MLAs.

ANI has reported that Konrad Sangma will be sworn in as Chief Minister on March 6. Speaking to reporters after the Governor’s visit, NPP leaders said that their party lawmakers are committed to the development of the state and the people.

Leading a coalition government is not easy. But I am confident that the legislators with us are fully committed to the development of the state and the people. All our activities are focused on state development, Sangma said. Meghalaya has 59 seats, Congress 21, NPP 19, BJP 2 and others 17.

But in Meghalaya, there is a need for 31 seats for the formation of the government, and no political party has a full majority

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