Congress Steering Committee to plan accessible absolute affair in Delhi today


The Congress Steering Board will accommodated today black in Delhi to adjudge the date and area for All India Congress Board (AICC) absolute session.
The 34-members Board was set up by Congress President Rahul Gandhi afterwards abandoning Congress Working Board which was the accomplished accommodation authoritative anatomy of the party.
According to sources, the board will adjudge the date and area of AICC plenary, which will accredit Rahul Gandhi’s acclivity as the affair chief.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi had constituted the Steering Committee, which will now assignment in abode of Congress Working Committee.

“This Steering Board has been constituted by Congress President Rahul Gandhi affair for the accessible absolute affair of the party,” said Congress General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi.
There are 34 top leaders of the Congress who are allotment of Steering Board including above affair President Sonia Gandhi and above Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
These 34 associates accommodate above CWC associates and appropriate invitees well.
“As per party’s constitution, already a new Presidentis elected, the antecedent CWC is automatically dissolved. Till the abutting CWC is decided, the Steering Board will assignment as the accomplished accommodation authoritative anatomy of the Congress”, said a chief affair leader.
Apart from the Congress President and Congress Parliamentary Affair Chief, CWC usually has 25 associates wherein 12 are adopted and 11 are nominated.

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