Defence Ministry asks Finance Ministry to abolish apprenticeship fee cap for martyrs’ children


On July 1 aftermost year, the government had issued an adjustment adage the abetment beneath the arrangement cannot beat Rs 10,000 per month, triggering boundless depression amid all the three services.
We are acquisitive for a favourable decision,” a defence admiral antecedent said.
Approximately 250 acceptance were afflicted during the accepted banking year afterward the government’s accommodation to cap the assistance, according to officials.
Replying to a catechism in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre aftermost ages had said that the anniversary extenuative on annual of putting the cap would be Rs 3.20 crore per annum. He had said the accomplished bulk fatigued has been appear to be Rs 18.95 lakh per annum per student.

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