Facebook India starts showing Aadhaar prompts to new users


Facebook India has confirmed it has started prompting users to provide their Aadhaar details if they want to create a new account. The social media giant was spotted asking Aadhaar details from a user, who then posted a screenshot of it on Reddit. In the screenshot Facebook is seen asking the user his/her first and last name, which should be same as the one on the user’s Aadhaar card

Mark Zuckerberg and co. says the firm has started asking these details to limited users as a part of a small test. Not all the users will see such a prompt while creating a new account. Also mentioned is that although the prompt asks for users to feed their named based on the Aadhaar card, it is not necessary for them to do so.

“We want to make sure people can use the names they’re known by on Facebook, and can easily connect with friends and family. This is a small test where we provide additional language when people sign up for an account to say that using the name on their Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize them. This is an optional prompt which we are testing, people are not required to enter the name on their Aadhaar card,” said Facebook spokesperson to GadgetsNow in an emailed statement.

 It is worth adding that Facebook for now is only asking for the users’ first and last name. It is not asking for any other Aadhaar details, eliminating privacy concerns. It is yet to be seen how Facebook plans to go ahead with this move.
Facebook, according to a report by HootSuite from July this year, has India as its biggest market with over 241 million monthly active users. The US comes at second place with 240 million monthly active users.

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