India is Preparing to have its own dns server for Faster and Secure

Own DNS in India

The india government is now decided to have its own (Domain Network Server) DNS web browser. To Get Better Faster and Secure browsing.

You want to know how DNS works first DNS is like a register book of the internet and it contains domains and IP addresses. When a user enters into the site and it goes to the DNS server first. after that, it will transfer to the web server.

Dns Server

In the event that you don’t know, DNS is similar to a directory online. It includes domains and their particular IP Addresses. Whenever a user types an URL in the address bar and clicks enter, the request would go to DNS first.

Then, it converts the simple to keep in mind domains into its corresponding IP and transfers the demand to the website server.

Now, there are instances when DNS started working gradually or completely failed. It led to unhappy customers who cannot access any website. Privacy and Security are various other concerns related to DNS.

A public DNS can not only help the government to make sure that data of citizens are kept within the united states, but would also help them in surveillance and also to block websites with kid porn or false news or with any additional sort of inappropriate content.

Yes, they might use various other DNS like Google Open public DNS, the government’s system will provide more control and so they can simply safeguard Indians from visiting dangerous websites.

The National Informatics Center (NIC) is focusing on execution and is likely to complete within the next 4 – 6 months. The NIC currently uses the general public DNS within the federal government network.

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