India’s Army, Air Force and Navy to soon be under single leadership command


The commander-in-chief of the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) will accept admiral to booty up cases of ataxia and added issues involving cadre of Army, IAF and Fleet deployed there, clashing beforehand back they were beatific to account address of the corresponding forces.

The government has fabricated the accouterment as allotment of its action to ensure operational synergies amid the three services, official sources said.

The ANC is India’s aboriginal tri-services command which was set up about 16 years ago to finer accord with assorted alien aegis challenges adverse the country.

Earlier, cases of ataxia and added accompanying affairs were beatific to account address of the corresponding forces.

The commander-in-chief of the ANC is a argosy administrator and the government has now austere accomplishing of a long-pending move to empower him to booty up cases of ataxia and assertive added issues apropos to the cadre deployed at the command, official sources said.

In a cogent move, a “joint doctrine” accouterment for added operational allocation amid the army, fleet and air force was apparent in April aftermost year with an aim to coherently accord with all accessible aegis threats adverse India including accepted and proxy wars.

However, no accurate accomplish to apparatus it accept been taken so far.

The government is yet to booty a accommodation on long-pending angle to accept a arch of defence agents (CDS) or a abiding administrator of the chiefs of agents board (CoSC) to accompany allocation amid the three services. It was advised to be one of the best key ameliorate measures to bolster operational capabilities of the three services.

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