Kamal Haasan Says Hue of Saffron in Rajinikanth’s Politics


After films, it seems the iconic Rajinikanth-Kamal Haasan animosity will abide now in the political branch too. On Sunday, Haasan said there was a hue of saffron in Rajinikanth’s backroom and until that changed, he won’t access into an accord with the south superstar. “There is a hue of saffron in Rajni’s politics. If that doesn’t change again I don’t see an accord with him. We are acceptable accompany but backroom is different,” he was quoted as adage by ANI.
Haasan, who set to access backroom soon, on Thursday said he Rajinikanth bare to contemplate if it was all-important for them to accompany easily and face the election.,

“Rajini sir, to this catechism had said that alone time will accord an acknowledgment and I had seconded that view. Truly, alone time will answer,” he wrote in his account cavalcade in Tamil annual ‘Ananda Vikatan.’ Haasan had additionally said that the catechism of adjustment with Rajinikanth was not like allotment the brilliant casting for films as both were absolutely altered things. This comes canicule advanced of actualization of Haasan’s political affair and his political bout which starts on February 21.
Haasan has not minced his words in accusatory ‘Hindu terror’. “In the past, Hindu bourgeois groups would not allow in violence, but authority a chat with adverse parties on their arguments. But this old tactic was defeated and they started application beef power. They started indulging in violence,” he said. “The bourgeois cannot claiming anyone allurement the catechism – appearance me one Hindu terrorist. Terror has advance into their affected as well.”

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