Karnataka Voting Starts On May 12, results in three days! May 28 is new government


The Election Commission has announced that the Election Commission will announce the completion of all processes at the final speed of the Election Commission. The Election Commission’s commissioner OP Rawat has announced that the results will be held on May 15 after three days of voting. Elections will be held at one stage. Voting will be made to voters with voting verification along with Electronic Voting at the time of voting.

Time to submit nominations for April 17-April 25. 4 crores 96 lakh voters in the state have to exercise their right to vote. In all this, adequate arrangements have been made and more than 56,000 polling stations have been opened across the state. Special facilities will be provided to the Division at every polling station. The election cost of each candidate has limited to Rs 28 lakh and there is no limit on the election cost at the party level. The Election Code will now be implemented in the state from today. All processes of the election will end on May 28.

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