KTM Announces ‘R’ Version Of The RC 390


KTM has announced that it will be launching the RC 390 R, which is a more hard core variant of the RC 390 SuperSport and will have upgrades making it a legit track worthy motorcycle. The sad part is that KTM will be manufacturing only 500 units of the RC 390 R worldwide. Some of the upgrades include a fully adjustable WP suspension, folding brake and clutch levers and a new top yoke along with a handlebar kit, which makes the riding position even more committed, suited to racing. The engine also gets an update, with a shorter intake velocity stacks and a power band which is a touch wider, suited for racing, again.
In case you are rather serious about taking the RC 390 R to the track, KTM will also offer a proper race kit over and above the upgrades listed in the paragraph above. The SSP300 Race Kit has more than 230 individual parts that fit on to the RC 390 R and make it an even meaner racing machine. For example, the race kit includes a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, a race-spec ECU (engine control unit), STM slipper clutch, quickshifter, better engine cooling, and wiring harness and so on. Also, KTM will be manufacturing only 50 racing kits a year, which could also be fitted on a regular RC 390.

As far as pricing is concerned, the KTM RC 390 R is priced at € 8,500 or ₹ 7.65 lakh while the SSP300 Race Kit costs € 11,000 or ₹ 9.91 lakh. In all probability, KTM will not be launching the RC 390 R in India.

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