MeToo Campaign Shruthi Hariharan Accuses Arjuna Sarja! #MeToo

arjun sarja and shruthi hariharan

The Me Too campaign is now moving across the country, with girls and children involved in various fields, especially those who are celebrities their sexual harassment and getting into the streets of the mood.

Sandalwood’s demanding actress, Shruti Hariharan, has unraveled her sexual harassment after actress Sanjana dumped her injustice. He has also accused him of being a minor, not the actor who has come to you. On senior actor Arjun Sarja.

Last year, Shruti Hariharan starred with Arjun Sarja in a Vismaya. Arjun Sarja has been harassing her in this way. Strongly embroiled in the rehearsal step. Come back to the resort and come to coffee and get hurt. In an interview to a magazine, she said that he did not come and hesitated, but his words were disgusting.

This news is now making big news in Sandalwood. In the meantime, Srithihariaran, who wrote in his Facebook, has been harassed by a lot of people. It’s time to claim it now.

Shruti Hariharan’s statements have been whipping up and trying to open up the injustices in Sandalwood as one of them is being put on one another. This is not important growth or bad growth. But now, the face of many people is unveiling before society. Let’s wait for the next part of the campaign.

Arjun, popularly known as ‘Action King’, has acted in over 150 movies across Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. He has dismissed the allegations as “false”.

“The allegations being leveled against me are entirely baseless. I am shocked to hear such false allegations,” Arjun told a news channel responding to the sexual harassment allegation.

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