Metro Staff Strike: Our Metro Band


Our Metro employees have decided to strike on May 22 demanding various demands, including wage revision, promotion, discrimination between Kannadiga employees and Hindi employees. The BMRCL Employees Association has decided to strike a strike by 5 am to 11 pm. According to the rules, BMRCL’s board has been instructed 14 days before. If the demands are fulfilled, the strike will be held, “the Sangha said. The promotion of Kannadiga employees has been given to Hindi-speaking employees. The Sangh said the officials were split between the two.

Esma can not enforce Esma’s enforcement The last time the Metro employees had been issued was the precautions issued by the police. This time it is possible that the Employees will be issued before the strike. However, the court said that the case could not be enforced by the court.

Many Demands of Metro Staff Major demands for the strike – Accepting the Sangh Maintaining a Standing Committee Order instead of the Seva Rules – Accepting a list of requests – Stopping the shirts offered to members of the Sangh – Eliminating the real grievances of members of the Sangh -To cancel the contract labor system -To send back the coins

What is the staff of the strike day? What do the staff do during the strike notice period?

-We are wearing protests badges                                                                                          -The members shouting slogans in front of all the centers                                                    -Perform next to BMRCL Corporate Office in Shantinagar, BMTC Complex Protest against BMRCL office in Baiyappanahalli

Delhi Metro, Delhi, Jaipur’s Metro staff have the privilege of providing Delhi Metro staff to Delhi employees and employees of the metro rail corporation in Jaipur has not been extended to our employees. The service situation is also different in many ways, BMRCL is an industry body that has to set up statutory commissions in order to control the conditions of its workers’ employment.

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