No ambiguity says CM Vijayan amid row over UAE’s 700 crore aid offer

Picture Credits: Agencies

With the political slugfest between the Left and the BJP intensifying over the UAE’s alleged offer of Rs 700 crore to the flood-ravaged Kerala, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan Friday remained firm on his claim and insisted that the Crown Prince had indeed made the offer in a phone call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“There is no ambiguity on UAE aid. As I told you before, aid was discussed between the UAE Crown Prince and PM. Both these rulers themselves intimated this to the world. I hope the Centre will accept it.

As for the Rs 700 crore figure, I had made it clear that the information came from businessman MA Yusuf Ali,” CM Vijayan said while addressing a press conference.

The chief minister said Yusuf Ali had told informed him that the Crown Prince discussed USD 100 million (Rs 700 crore approx) aid with the PM. “I repeatedly asked him if I could reveal this. And he told me there was no problem if I did,” he said.

Before concluding his presser, CM Vijayan also took a parting shot at PM Modi and said: “Hope everyone has seen PM Modi’s tweet.”

The relief aid issue flared up after UAE Ambassador Ahmed Albanna on Thursday told The Indian Express that there has been no official announcement so far by the UAE on any specific amount as financial aid. “The assessment of relief needed for the flood and aftermath is ongoing. Announcing any specific amount as financial aid, I don’t think it is final, since it is still ongoing,” Albanna said. Asked if he meant that the UAE had not announced Rs 700 crore in aid, he said: “Yes, that is correct. It is not yet final. It has not been announced.”

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