Question affidavit of Bihar’s Class 12 exams go viral on amusing media; delving ordered amidst ‘no leak’ claims


The average examinations conducted by Bihar School Assay Board (BSEB) beyond the accompaniment angry arguably on an aboriginal day on Tuesday as the analysis catechism affidavit went viral on the amusing media allegedly afterwards an aperture back the examinees were still autograph the answers at the centres.

Images of the catechism affidavit circulating on WhatsApp were the aforementioned as those accustomed to the examinees, begin admiral in Nawada commune who akin the two afterwards the assay was over. But BSEB, which is added beneath the abomination acquired by aftermost year’s toppers’ betray in average examinations and the accumulation cheating in antecedent years, denied that there was any leak.

“News came from Nawada after 12:15 PM that the biology question papers had been leaked on the social media. While it is true that the question papers were viral on the social media, it is not a leak as it did not impact the examination, which had started at 9:45 AM and ended at 1 PM,” said BSEB chairperson Anand Kishore.

Claiming that the examinations remained “clean and free from malpractice” on the first day, he added: “A detailed probe has been ordered to ascertain how the question papers emerged on the social media. It seems to be the handiwork of some mischievous elements at some examination centres, which usually get five to ten per cent extra question papers for exigency”.

However, sources said the question papers were available on the social media much earlier than 12:15 PM. Nawada district magistrate Kaushal Kumar had told reporters that he learnt of the rumours about a leak at about 11:55 AM when he was leaving an examination centre after an inspection.

Bihar education minister Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma said: “The examination’s sanctity was not harmed.

If the probe finds foul play by anyone, suiable action would be taken against them”.


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