Sri Sevalal MahaRaj’s Bhog Program In America


Sant Satguru Sri Sevalal Maharaj or Sevalalor Sevabhaya (born 15 February 1739 – 4 December 1806) is the most important saint of the Banjaras. He is spiritual leader of Banjara community who was instrumental in bringing several reforms and worked hard for the upliftment of Banjaras.

It is a known fact that Banjaras lived originaly in Rajasthan, mainly Mewad and Chithorgad areas. They were the followers of Prithviraj Chavan, a welknown name in history. After Prithviraj Chavan banjaras followed Rana Prathap of Chithorgad. They were supplying provisions and arms to the armies of these historical leaders. Some were in the army and fought for them. After the defeat of Rana Prathap, they became refugees and followed him to the forests and later migrated through Malwa to other places of India. It became difficult for their livelihood but they followed their trade business.

There are four main gothras (sects) among banjaras. They are Rathod, Pammar (Pawar), Chavan and Jadhav. All these gothras or subdivisions of banjaras worship Radha and Mola as their rearing parents and offer ablution once a year on the Deepavali day by cooking sweet dishes (sweet pongal) and offerings by pouring ghee on the burning fire. continue.

Sri Sevalal Maharaj Ghor Program held in America and their committee members celebrated Sri Sevala Banjara Funtion.

Sri Sevalal was pure Bachelor. His Function yearly Celebrating all over the world.

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