Welcome to the President but not a ‘Sanghi’ attitude: Aligarh student union leader


President Ramanath Kovind arrives today at the 65th anniversary of the Aligarh Muslim University, where student union secretary Mohammad Fahad issued a statement saying that no member of the RSS should be present at the President’s visit. Speaking to reporters, Fahad said he would not oppose the arrival of the president, but oppose the attitude of the Sangh. Quoting a statement issued by Ramnath Kovind in 2010, “Muslims and Christians are aliens to this country,” he said, adding that the speech is still piercing the students’ minds.

“We welcome them as President. But no RSS person should be allowed to be allowed into the Vivi premises. Those who come with them like the etiquette can come, “Fahad said. Fahad wrote a letter to the VV administration and warned that the students would protest if the RSS came to them. There is a widespread hostage on the Vivi premises in the wake of the President’s visit.

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