Who wrote the ebook on Prime Minister’s ‘Man Ki Baat’?


Mann Ki Baat: A Social Revolution on Radio ‘, authored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mani Ki Baat program at an excessive stage ceremony held on Might 25 final yr within the presence of then President Pranab Mukherjee. It was additionally stated that the ebook was written by former prime minister Rajesh Jain. Journalist Uday Mahurkar’s ‘Marching with a Billion: Analysing Narendra Modi Authorities In Mid-Time period’ was additionally launched on the identical ceremony. “Former Union Minister Arun Shourie has revealed an explosive info,” However there is no such thing as a relation between Rajesh Jain and Rajesh Jain, who wrote concerning the e-book, Mank Ki Baat, who had simply made my buddies come to the ceremony.

Rajesh Jain additionally stated, “I’m not an author of Man Ki Ki Baat, however, I used to be shocked to see that I wrote the writer.” Rajesh is employed within the BluRraft Digital Basis, which organizes Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Man Ki Baat’ radio program, which makes it clear that he doesn’t have any reference to this work. ” The workplace instructed me. There I used to be an author within the invitation journal. Though I’m not a writer on the ceremony, I’m the writer of the Press Data Bureau and the PM’s website, “Jain says.

There are three press statements on the PB Web page for this work. On the day of the e book’s launch, the press launch of Might 25,2017 was written by Rajesh Jain’s writings and the subsequent day press launch was written by Rajesh Jain as a writer. In the identical night launch, Rajesh Jain has written an e-book compilation.

There are additional stories that each work have been revealed by the BluRraft Digital Basis and Lexis Nexis. Rajesh Jain’s title just isn’t on the duvet of ‘Man Ki Baat’ out there on Amazon. Rajesh Jain was not talked about anymore as PI spokesman Frank Noronha contacted the PIB saying it was written by Rajesh Jain of the compilation of the press launch in Might 26 final yr.

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