I will file defamation suit against Public TV Ranganath: journalist Ravi Balegare


Journalist Ravi Balegare has said that he will file a defamation suit against the head of a news channel for allegedly filing his minor son’s film on the case. Ravi Bilgare, who posted on Facebook, said he would file a defamation suit against Publicity chief Ranganath alleging a minor boy’s film in connection with a case. Ravi Bilgare, who wrote this evening in his facebook account, said: ‘I will pay a lot of friendship. All the channels made news when a huge drama called Supari.

Not just at all, but it’s over. So I did not expect that I should not make public TV news. Ranga (Ranganath) is my 30-year-old friend. He was sitting on his thigh and ‘Gowder’ stood up and there was a great old man named Ajmat. “Both were convicted of crime reporting. But my wife and house showed everything in the hope of robbing the TRP.

Well, but what did my 10-year-old son do? The picture of a minor boy is a crime, is not it? “Now I’m making a case for a big sum on Ranganath (Ranganath). Why not leave In this case the court will act very hard. I have a look at the stage, “he wrote in his account. Police arrested Ravi Bilgerer for allegedly lodging a complaint with the High Bangalore journalist Sunil Hogarawalli. This case was a widespread news throughout the state.

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