World Record by Modi and France President India lights up for 24 hours


Opponents of questioning and screaming all the issues of the Modi government have not only observed the activities needed for the development of Narendra Modi’s country. The whole world today appreciates Modi, who runs India from day one to evolution. French President Emanuel Macroan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are now witnessing another new revolution in the country.

World’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant ..! The Modi government, which embarks on one of the plans for India’s development, has now formulated a new project that will make the whole world look back to India.

Established in Mirzapur, it is the largest nuclear power plant in the world. About 100 MW solar power plant was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi and French President Emanuel Macron. This unit is used to generate about 75 megawatts of electricity from people. The solar power plant was built at an expenditure of Rs 650 crore and has been constructed in a 380 acre area in Dadar Kala.

France joined hands with India! All countries in the world have already developed and grown up in India with the desire for Narendra Modi’s regime. Similarly, the French president on the tour of India has said that our full cooperation with France will be handed over to Narendra Modi’s project. The project will further strengthen the project, which will be launched in the presence of the two countries.

National Cruise Boat Tour! Modi, who introduces Indian specialties every time for all foreign leaders coming to India, has been welcomed by the French President Macron on a four-day visit to Varanasi, seeking a traditional welcome at Assi Ghat. Soon he walked in the boat called ‘Bajra’ on the river Ganga. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was also present at this time. After that, Modi and Macron were watching the traditional traditional style of art once again to the Indian culture. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is taking the country on the development path, has been incorporating India into one of its own projects in India. Because these countries are for India on any occasion. Narendra Modi’s diplomatic move has left the whole world dead!

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