The Untold Story: Orphan Son


A Father and Mother having a son and they will send child to school for better future to the child and he will be doing well in studies and he became a businessman. He is now staying in Bengaluru.

Father Was Happy because his son was businessman so father staying his own town.

Next Day Morning,

Father was going for walk his friend came and asks what about your son what doing then father Proudly says My Son became a businessman and he is better position now I am totally happy. ” Friend said, “oh fine that’ was great”.

Next Day Son coming to his town and he said to the father I want to marry so father was searching for a girl and found a girl and ready for marriage.

After Marriage, a Few months after his business will down he want to pay money to court and he will ask father to sell a house so I can pay money to the court father said sell it.

he sold the house and after 6months again he will become rich but his parents were having a small house and they are going his son house at Bengaluru.

They came into the house and staying there only and his wife was fully irritated with parents and almost one day she told him to send to an orphanage.

Next Taking to Orphanage and their father was talking with orphanage warden and his son was aking him do you know him Warden Said, Yes I know Very Well 15 Years ago your Father was adopted, one child now he is now adopting here how life changes.

Son was Crying and he realized and told I am Sorry Dad Forgive me…

The End

So Please don’t let your parents or don’t send parents to the orphanage and please take care of your parents.




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