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Chinese brand ColMi released the ColMi i3 in an effort to appeal to smartwatch users with beauty as well as intent. The ColMi i3 is a simple-yet-sturdy smartwatch that sports a reasonable yet sleek design and the performance to go with it. The smartwatch also makes health-centric observations with its pre-installed features, and on the surface, it doesn’t let down. In this ColMi i3 3G Smartwatch Review, we take a deeper look at the device and see if it really is an impressive all-rounder.

The ColMi i3 smartwatch alongside its accompanying contents is presented in a rectangular box that dons a black hue all over, barring the company logo that is branded with an ash color.

The ColMi i3 sports a stainless steel case and leather straps that are pretty durable as well as comfortable on the wrist. The smartwatch is water-resistant which is a plus in every way, though you and I know there is a limit to which it can remain resistant. You won’t want to be taking a deep immersion with this on.

The screen is surrounded by slightly thick bezels that don’t protrude beyond the display. On the right side, there is the POWER/HOME button and the Shortcut button for inputting the listed commands. They sit side by side the HD camera. On the left side sits a Nano Sim tray that can be unscrewed to slot in a Nano Sim card as well as a speaker.

On the rear, it sports a heart rate sensor with four wireless charging contacts which is where the USB magnetic cable is attached when charging.

Taking account its dimensions, it measures 19.50 * 5.03 * 1.38 cm and weighs 80g. The smartwatch comes in Black and Silver colors.

With respect to the display, the ColMi i3 smartwatch sports a 1.3-inch touchscreen based on AMOLED technology. It has a 360 by 360 pixels screen resolution that is a pretty good offering coming from a smartwatch.

The colors are bright and images come out vividly, the touchscreen is quite responsive but the size could sometimes prove a bit of a matter when running certain applications. Other than that, its a commendable effort from ColMi.

The ColMi i3 display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which provides a high degree of resistance to scratches and shock falls.

The ColMi i3 comes with 16GB of onboard storage which you definitely have to make do with considering the fact that it does not support external memory expansion. I’m comfortable with a 16GB storage considering this won’t be my primary device.

The brain behind operations is a MediaTek MT6580 processor which is clocked at 1.3GHz running on four cores and supported by a Mali-T400 GPU that marshalls what you see on the screen in games and when running applications.

The chipset is pretty solid and can navigate through basic tasks with relative ease. Its performance is one you’d definitely enjoy even on the most demanding of tasks, factor in the fact it comes with 2GB of RAM which is much more surface area to explore when compared to the Zeblaze Thor S which sports a similar chipset but just a lesser RAM size at 1GB.

It scored 20179 on the AnTuTu Benchmark test which is slightly behind the Zeblaze Thor S that scored 20572.

To make it a complete mobile alternative, the ColMi i3 sports an HD camera on the side. The camera is a 2MP sensor and its basically decent on shots and videos, as well as the camera sensor is very responsive, thus no lagging whatsoever.

The ColMi i3 smartwatch is a commendable effort from the brand ColMi. The design appeals and its display for all the talk about size is pretty cool. Its water-resistant feature also gives it an edge over the Zeblaze Thor S in that regard even if it scored a bit less in benchmark ratings. Nearly everything seems to fall into place for the ColMi i3 and that includes the price.

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