Kirrak Party Movie Review: Kirick Party Kannada


Film: Kirrak Party

Director: Sharan Koppisetty

Cast: Nikhil Siddharth Simran Pareenja Samyuktha Hegde

Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara

Release Date: March 16, 2018

“Kirrak Party” had created lot of hype not just for the fact that this movie is an official remake of Kannada blockbuster “Kirrik Party” but also for the fact that two Tollywood directors (Chandoo Mondeti & Sudheer Varma) had written dialogues and screenplay for this film.


Krishna (Nikhil), a first-year engineering college student, falls in love with Meera Joseph (Simran Pareenja), a final year student. One day in the girl’s hostel, Meera and her friends gets drunk and while dancing Meera falls from the hostel room window and dies. Meera’s sudden death gives a big jolt to Krishna and transforms him from a fun loving cheerful youth to stubborn and bad-mannered person.

The story then fast forwards to three years, where Krishna is in final year and stands for the college election and becomes president of the college. His junior Satya (Samyukta) is madly in love with him, but he hardly notices her. Can Satya change Krishna’s attitude and turn him into a good human being? Is what the remaining story is all about.


First half starts with a song introducing the characters of the film. Soon Krishna meets Meera and love happens. After some time-wasting scenes, Meera dies Krishna cries and then comes the interval. Later, Krishna gets into fight with his friends and he forms another group and becomes president of the college. Satya enters the scene and starts loving Krishna, she tries to make him forget his past and on the final day in college, Krishna writes a letter to Satya and expresses his love, which brings the end card.

What happens when three directors come together and make a remake of a blockbuster film? Boring movie happens. This is what is proved by our three Tollywood directors Sharan Koppisetty, Chandoo Mondeti & Sudheer Varma. If a movie becomes super hit in any language, it depends on the various factors and without knowing those factors, if you simply want to remake that film by copying scene by scene and score super hit again then it just shows your immaturity.

Kirik Party became blockbuster in Kannada because their audience didn’t have “Happy Days”, “Chitram” or the most recent “Premam”, whereas here in Tollywood our audience have already watched such college based stories in many films. Even though Nikhil Siddharth was also a part of “Happy Days”, he could not understand this simple logic and thought that his director friends could turn Kirrak Party into another “Happy Days”.

There is nothing interesting in this film, neither story nor cast. Majority of the scenes are there just for the name sake and do not add any weight or value to the story. Even the love scenes between Krishna and Meera had not been showcased properly. Only saving grace is the music, which is little bit soothing to the ears. Except the last 10 minutes, this movie is brutally tedious to watch.

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